You have different objectives for every business. These may be branding, leads generation, signup form submission, online sales, store visits or post engagement.  For every objective, Google have provided you with various campaign types like search, display, shopping, mobile, you tube and universal app campaigns.  Google provides several bidding strategies that are tailored to different types of campaigns.

What benefit you’ll get after reading this blog post

  • After reading this blog, you’ll be able to decide which bidding strategy is best and right for your goal.
  • You’ll have complete knowledge of which Google Ads Bidding Strategies are available in 2024.
  • You’ll get more profit out of your campaigns by choosing the right bidding strategy. If you want us manage your campaigns Contact US.
  • You’ll be helping your clients getting better ROI from their business and so you’ll have a better reputation if you’re a freelancer or running a Digital marketing agency.
  • If you’re into a job in Digital Marketing, you’ll be considered as an expert among your peers and being an expert you can train them as well.
  • You’ll have a clear idea of how to choose a right bidding strategy to improve the conversion rate.

The metrics you should focus on: An alternative to using bidding strategies

Google has now made it easy by providing you with the metrics you want to focus on. So, instead of direct choosing the bidding strategy, you may just select the metric you want to focus on and Google itself will choose the right bidding strategy for you. These  metrics are:

  • Conversions
  • Conversion value
  • Clicks
  • Viewable impressions
  • Impression share
  • Install Volume
  • In-app action

Categories in Google ads bidding strategies

Removed Bidding strategies by Google

  • Target search page location
  • Target outranking share

Here, we explain all of these Google Ads Bidding Strategies  in details

  1. Automated

Target Impression Share

  • This is a new Google Ads bidding strategy offered by Google and present in Search Campaigns only.
  • The goal linked with it is “Impression share”.
  • Here, you need to tell what % impression share you want to target.
  • Also, you’ve to convey where you want your ads to appear: Anywhere on results page, Top of results page or Absolute top of results page.
  • Have to set a max. CPC bid limit that Google will use to reach that target impression share.

2. Semi-automated

Enhanced CPC (ECPC)

  • Used to maintain tight control of keyword level bids while also putting some trust in Google’s algorithm to optimize CPC for your conversions or conversion value.
  • In this, Google will automatically increase or decrease your bids based on how likely they think the click is going to convert.
  • Earlier it was a separate option in bidding strategies but not it’s been included in manual CPC bidding strategy
  • You can use it in search, display and shopping campaigns.
  • When you select manual CPC bidding strategy, it’ll give you an option to select the ECPC bidding strategy.
  • In case of search and shopping campaigns, if you go with ECPC, it’ll give you 2 options. One is to optimize for conversions and another is to optimize for conversion value. But, in case of display campaign, you won’t see these 2 options and Google will optimize for conversions only.
  • Conversion tracking is needed.

3. Manual

Manual CPC

  • To fully maintain control over your bids in every auction.
  • You pay what you’re willing to pay. That’s it.
  • Google won’t bid more than your max. set bid in any circumstance.
  • You set your max. CPC bid.
  • Best place to start.

I hope you have enjoyed reading it and congrats, now you understand the bidding strategies for 2024 better than your peers.

For any questions in Google Ads bidding strategies 2024, you are welcome to ask. I’ll try to reply to you the same day.