High Buying-Intent People On Google, Means More Sales

Google ads are considered as the most profitable, time-consuming and complex ads. But it is the only platform where we have most control with us. Here, we target the visitors who have high intent to buy.

We’re the Top PPC Ads Maangement Agency In India. Our Google Ads experts team have many years of experience in managing complex high-budget ad campaigns, development and optimization. While we deploy automation in speeding up the development process but we believe nothing can replace human brain with regard to thoughts, ideas and analytical power. So, your online campaigns would be efficient and effective.

Google Adwords

Our process for PPC Ads Management



More than 97% of your website visitors don’t fill lead form, make a call or purchase your product. Whether it’s website or app or youtube, we leave no stone unturned to reach your visitors again and again wherever they’ll hang out. So, implement remarketing is the crucial step to increase conversion and your ROI.

Our Process to Set An Effective Remarketing Campaign

Visitors Analysis

Visitors Analysis

Analyse your previous traffic and their behavioural characteristics to figure out which visitors are more valued to us and we target those visitors more aggressively.

Visitors Segmentation

Visitors Segmentation

We use Google Adwords and Google Analytics to segment out the previous website visitors based on criteria like scroll depth, time spent on site, affinity audiences, previous purchases etc.

Captivating Ads

Creating Captivating Ads

We use these audience segments to create the image and video ads. Not only to display but we create Search Ads using these remarketing audiences (RLSA) and dynamic Display Ads.

Structure Campaigns

Structure Campaigns Inside Adwords

Our experts structure campaigns in a way that makes it easy to optimize for ROI for every campaign. We set right bidding for each segmented audience at right time.

How We Work Considering Marketing Funnel

Get Noticed

Generate brand awareness and interest in your product

Increase brand Awareness

Get more video views

Get Traffic

Get people to start considering your product or services

Increase Website traffic

Intrigue the visitors

Get Sales

Encourage interested people to make a courage

Increase website conversation

Increase App conversation

Increase in-store conversation

Turn Your Prospects
Into Buyers

We Can Help You Convert Your
Web Visitors Into Your Customers. And, You’ll Have More Sales.

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