PPC specialists spend most of the time analyzing the data and optimizing the ad campaigns seeking an improvement in the conversion rate. Although analyzing data and optimizing campaigns is crucial to make a campaign profitable by achieving the desired output but they forget another important factor of Quality score, the landing page experience.

The 4 pillars that make a landing page good or bad

  • Navigability: Your site should be easy to navigate and must have easy-to-find buttons, contact details, services or products, etc.
  • Spiderability: The robots.txt must be configured correctly so the Google spiders can crawl and index it.
  • Transparency: There should be a privacy policy page on your site and the visitor must be aware of how you will use their cookies or data.
  • Load time: The less load time, the better the user experience. Try to use fewer images and videos and a fast hosting service.

How the landing page experience matters

The following 2 reasons will clarify why we should have a good landing page

  1. It directly impacts the Quality Score of your Google ads and ultimately the overall Ad rank of your ad. How much your ad is optimized and rightly targeted, a bad landing page limits getting the output it would get if it were a great landing page.
  2. Someone landing on your page won’t stay on it for long and won’t take any action if finding it irrelevant or difficult to explore. There may be a chance or leaving a bad impression in the mindset of the visitor about your brand and he might not come back again.

How to improve the landing page experience

The following 7 tips will definitely improve the landing page experience in your Google ads:

  1. Make your landing page as relevant (intent-based) as you can with your ad copy as it’s one of the desired factors to improve the quality score of your Google ads.
  1. Only one CTA button on one web page. Your landing page visitor lands on your page with 1 goal in mind and giving him options of a number of calls to action will either confuse or divert him from the main action he wanted to take. The CTA button must be clearly visible with a different color than the background color or even of a different color than the other colors on the page if you are not damn particular about going with your brand color.
  1. No one likes to read content that puts stress on the eyes with a very stylish or curvy font. A simple font like sans serif or Montserrat still works like a charm and is easy to read. Also, the font size should be large enough to be readable effortlessly, and also it shouldn’t be so large that it looks ugly.
  1. Content must be a mix of features and benefits so that your visitors easily understand how your products or services will be beneficial for them and ease their lives. Jargons and technical terms most of the time hardly impact the buying decision of the audience.
  1. Keep the content easy to read and conversational. Write for 1 person only having all the traits, interests, and demographics of your ideal customer. Make the content conversational to make a connection with the reader.
  1. Keep the distractions as low as possible like pop-ups or too many animations. Let him scroll your page and get some info/knowledge before making a firm decision about taking the action. Also, more animations, and more load time.
  1. Use graphics, videos, and images aligned with your content and ultimately with your goal. Your creatives must be self-explanatory and able to entertain and convey the message clearly. But, avoid over flooding of them.

I hope you have understood that you must focus on the quality of your landing page to enhance your brand perception and to boost your sales.

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